Rag & Bone Spring 2012 Backstage by Brian Dowling

It’s really hard to get the photo I want as a photographer backstage.  It’s truly total mayhem during fashion week.  Shows are rarely relaxed.  Models are rushing from one show to the next and their looks are literally completed just minutes before the opening of a show.  It’s six months of a designer’s every waking moment compressed into eight to fifteen minutes on the runway.  It’s truly amazing how last minute everything is and truly mirrors an episode of Project Runway.  The designer is relying on him or herself, their team, a sea of volunteer dressers, interns, and young teenage models that are often paid a few months of your salary for less than an hour of their time.

It was two days before the the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and police were everywhere making traffic a stand-still. From the Lincoln Center, where Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week takes place, to fifty blocks south to the Rag & Bone show took forever by taxi…45 minutes and many of the models were late.   So, as a photographer, I found it so difficult to take the photos I want…relaxed beauty with a clean and tranquil background. The backstage is busy with a sea of stylists, photographers, hair dryer cords, and random people.  Although I won’t use any of the photos for my portfolio, I just thought I’d share them to show the real situations backstage during fashion week.  – Brian

All photos taken with a Canon 5D MarkII + 24-70L.  ISO4000 and shot in-camera monochrome jpeg.

Arizona Muse

Joan SmallsHanne Gaby Odiele

Alice  8-)

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